Don’t Let Hair Loss Stress You

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a method of disguising hair loss by “tattooing” tiny dots the size of hair follicles onto the scalp in the hair loss areas.

This technique can be used in many scenarios, hair transplant fill in and failure, hiding of scar and filling in thinning areas with great results.


We carefully match your natural hair colour to the ink used with skillful precision. The ink will be shaded darker than your natural colour to give off the illusion of hairline shadow causing it to look like natural hair.

Each client has different unique needs. Therefore, a consultation is done prior, to understand discuss the results you’re looking for and set up a procedure to achieve the results that you’re looking for.

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“Kim is just amazing, I can’t thank her enough. The step by step procedure was well-explained and she listened to all my needs. I had an amazing result and highly recommend her to anyone looking for SMP. Kim, you really are awesome, Thank you!!”


“Kimi is amazing! I was completely bald and the SMP looks fantastic and amazingly real!! I was sitting in a board meeting and my VP said ” I don’t know why you shave your head ” I can see your hair line and you clearly have a full head of hair… just let it grow!”


“After several hair transplants I was left with further thinning and multiple exposed scars. My self confidence took a major hit. Researched and fortunately found Kimmi, she was thorough, meticulous and super smart. She gave me my confidence back. Incredible work, do it there’s no one even close. Thank you so much, were fortunate to have Kimmi of the Ink Stylist close to home. I can wear my short again. We do so much for others, do it for you. You’ll be great full.”

Vince S

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